The Essentials All Survival Books Must Address

Nature is beautiful but can also be a formidable foe, a threat not worth underestimating. Therefore, consider picking various survival books and guides to brush up on what it takes to beat the odds when stranded in the wilderness. Below are the essentials that every survival book must include.

Survival Books

1. How To Find And Purify Water
Water is life, and you should learn how to find water when your rations are depleted. Moreover, you should know how to make it safe to drink. The survival guide should teach you how to locate water or trap it and the things, such as aqua tablets or filtration kits, worth packing when exploring the wild.

2. Facing The Elements
You will have to contend with what the elements throw at you when you are out in the wild. Survival guides you get must address the need and protect yourself from the elements for an extended period, such as how to wade out extreme conditions without shelter for three or more hours. Packing the right clothes and protective gear is also a crucial part of protecting yourself against the elements.

3. Navigation
Poor navigation or the lack of said skills are why many people end up stranded when exploring new places. However, it should be a skill that the books or guides teach. They must express the need to pack a map and compass. Moreover, the guides or books should teach how to navigate using the sun, moon, or stars, among other things.

4. First Aid
Having some basic first aid skills and knowing how to fashion tools to administer the treatment is also a subject that every survival guide must address. Knowing these things can make the difference between life and death.

5. Lighting A Fire
Lastly, the survival books or guides should teach you how to start a fire without matches or a lighter. You discover the different materials and ways of getting a fire going since you need it to cook, boil water, and keep warm.