How To Boost Collagen Production

You would think that you would stop having a problem with acne when you grow up. Unfortunately, many adults still have to deal with acne, just like teenagers all across the world. When you have acne when you are an adult, then it means that something is not quite alright with your hormonal balance, and you should check it. Diet plays a major role in how your skin will look, so make sure to do the test to check if you are sensitive to some food groups.


If you have changed your diet, and your skin is already looking better, then you should add Dermaplane treatments to your list. This treatment uses special products that are being penetrated deep into your skin with the help of a little device that is also known as a special roller. This roller has tiny needles that penetrate the first layer of your skin. How can this possibly work? Well, it is all about waking up that collagen in your body. The skin has the power to regenerate itself, therefore, when we, allegedly, damage it with these tiny needles, we are just activating the process of regeneration. This means more collagen production and more new cells that will replace old broken ones. This treatment can only be performed in a controlled environment, which means that you cannot use the roller on your own.

In less than several months, you will have a new layer of skin and you will look amazing. You do not need to undergo laser procedures because this simple none invasive method works perfectly.

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