You Know You’ve Had Too Many Drinks When…

We all know that feeling. That happy, warm, tingly sensation that washes over you after a few drinks. You’re enjoying yourself, letting loose and having a good time. But sometimes, you go too far. You’ve had too many drinks. And when that happens, there are certain telltale signs that let you know it’s time to call it a night. Grand Rapids DUI Lawyer will tell you more about those signs, so that you can recognize them before getting into your car!

First off, you may start to feel a bit lightheaded. You might feel like the room is spinning or that everything around you is slightly out of focus. If this happens, it’s time to stop drinking and get some water or something non-alcoholic in your system.

Another sign that you’ve had too much to drink is when your speech starts to slur more than usual. This can happen after only one or two drinks, so be sure to keep an eye on how much alcohol you’re consuming if you want to stay sober enough to talk clearly!

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Thirdly, another sign that you’ve had too many drinks is if you find yourself having more difficulty standing up than normal. Maybe your legs won’t work correctly, and you end up stumbling over your own feet. Or perhaps it feels like the floor is swaying beneath you as if it were a boat at sea.

Also, if you drink too much, you might find yourself forgetting things more easily than usual. You might have trouble following conversations or figuring out why people are laughing around you. And when it comes time to go home, your memory of the night might be hazy at best.

Lastly, if any of these signs sound familiar to you, then it’s probably a good idea to call a ride service and get home safely! No matter how much fun you had, there’s no reason to risk your safety by drinking too much alcohol! Keep an eye on your drinking and enjoy yourself responsibly.